School of Pharmacy, ACHS, Amoud Uniersity

School of Pharmacy, ACHS, Amoud Uniersity

The Faculty of Pharmacy is one of the eleven Faculties that are currently functional in the university.

It was established in September 2011 with the aim of producing qualified pharmacists who would contribute to the post war recovery of Somaliland pharmaceutical system. The Faculty started up with two lecturers and 25 students, and has grown tremendously since then. Now it hosts over 5 lecturers including medical school staff and 75 students. 1st year 25 students, 2nd year 25 students and 3rd year 18 students.

By providing students with up-to date skills, knowledge and attitude, the faculty prepares students to be competent in a challenging, constantly changing, multicultural work environment. In order to achieve its mission, the Faculty will expand its programs and adopt a variety of modes of delivery

One of the important concern of the faculty of pharmacy is to provide the society with skilled pharmacy graduates who are capable of practicing in all modern pharmaceutical fields and dedicated to the betterment of health service.

This can only be achieved by the approach used by the faculty of pharmacy through offering an educational philosophy that promotes a combination of critical thinking and practical application.

The faculty of pharmacy, Amoud university, seeks to be distinguished internationally by providing up-to–date high quality pharmacy education and biomedical research, as well as by fostering continuing professional development and community involvement.

The faculty of pharmacy, Amoud university, is committed to ensuring an educational environment that fosters progressive development in teaching, learning, training and research, to provide the health care system with pharmacists capable of meeting the challenges of the rapidly evolving pharmacy profession, and to establish an interactive partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and the community.

Most subjects are taught with a variety of methods including lectures, projected materials with lecturers’ notes presented to the students, practical work and seminars.
Problem based learning.
Self directed learning
Group dynamics
Team work
Early practical training at all levels of health services (individuals, families and communities)
Staff training and development

Study program
Academic year starts 15th of September and ends 2nd week of July every year.

The duration of course is 4 years program duration of studies on basic sciences, social sciences and general education is 2 years.
Duration of major pharmacy topics and clinical training are 2 years.

Criteria for admission.

Applicants to this school must have:-
Completed Secondary School
Passed the general requirement  courses of the freshman year with at least GPA of  2.5

This is the curriculum of the four year B. pharm degree at Amoud university. Students may complete the pre-pharmacy curriculum at Amoud university or other accredited institutions of higher learning. Students must transfer 68 hours into the professional curriculum and complete 200 total hours to be eligible to graduate.

The bachelor of pharmacy (B. pharm) curriculum provides students with course work and clinical preparation that is basic to understanding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, and the therapeutic use, appropriateness, selection, monitoring, and cost-effectiveness of drugs. Students participate in a variety of learning opportunities that are necessary for educating and counseling patients, and for understanding and appreciating the social, emotional, and psychological implications of disease.

The B. pharm professional program fulfills the educational aspect of the requirements for licensure as a pharmacist. This full time, four year program prepares students to participate in community or hospital setting, in technological or administrative positions in the pharmaceutical industry, and for some teaching positions in school or college of pharmacy.

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