School of Nursing and Midwifery, ACHS

School of Nursing and Midwifery, ACHS

The purpose of the Baccalaureate in Nursing Program at Amoud University is to provide quality nursing education which prepares graduate students for professional nursing practice.

The Nursing Program seeks to prepare graduates who will be able to contribute to the development of nursing education, nursing administration, nursing research and address the challenges facing the healthcare system of Somalia/Somaliland.

The mission of the nursing education program is to provide quality education to the nursing students enabling them to function effectively as nurses in Somalia/Somaliland. We seek to contribute to the advancement of nursing practice in Somaliland/Somalia, specifically focusing on community health care. It is our desire to collaborate with the academic community and to facilitate the integration of knowledge into practice, supporting initial and ongoing nursing education programs. This would involve supporting clinical practice through research by application, integration and dissemination of nursing knowledge. The nursing school would function to provide consultation on professional issues in the clinical areas.

B.S.N. Application Information

Student Eligibility To be considered for the program at the time of application you must have:

    An interest in nursing[/list_item]
    A high school diploma[/list_item]
    Have completed all the prerequisites with a grade of at least C-[/list_item]
    A Freshman GPA of greater than 2.5 [/list_item]
    Passed a physical examination completed by a medical doctor[/list_item]
    A complete vaccination record including BCG, Polio, DTP, and Measles[/list_item]


Amoud University School of Nursing adopts four broad outcomes that provide the foundation for professional nursing practice. The nursing students will become self directed learners through the use of self assessment, self reflection, self evaluation, effective time management and critical thinking. Nursing students will become effective communicators who understand the factors that influence communication and use professional com-munication skills. Nursing students will become critical thinkers who define prob-lems, select relevant information for prob-lem solving, recognize assumptions, for-mulate relevant hypothesis, make inter-pretations from data and who evaluate arguments.

The dean School of Nursing, with a section of Amoud University School of Nursing student interns at Al Hayatt Hospital, BoramaNursing students will become growing professionals with a strong knowledge base who provide, promote, facilitate the best possible professional services, and who are involved in con-tinuing education, take responsibility for their own professionalism and are ac-countable for their actions. The program will help them acquire a range of profes-sional nursing skills that will enable them to work in a variety of settings, such as MCH clinic, outpatient clinics, community education programs and in hospitals. Upon graduation, students will have a final general nursing competence examination proctored by external examiners.
The School at a Glance

Founded: 2006, the nations first continuously operated school of Nursing.Dr. Fadumo H. Abibakar; Dean School of Nursing

Programs: Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) Master of Nursing (M.N.) coming soon. The Amoud School of Nursing is the first school to award a B.S.N in Nursing. Will also be offering the first Masters program in Somaliland.

Faculty: 20 Faculty members not including other adjunct faculty members.

Enrolment: September 2011, Enrolment of 30 students every year. 90 students currently enrolled with 42 Graduates to date

Dean: Prof. FadmaAbubakar N\M;N\Educator; PHN;RN

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