Amoud University Workforce

Amoud University Workforce

Amoud University has a dedicated team of work force comprising of several hardworking men and women of high academic qualifications and local and international good repute.

There is a board of Directors comprising various stakeholders including clan elders who sit together and make major decisions on behalf of the people since Amoud University is run through a Public Private Prtnership arrangement. The board members determine the direction of the institution and guide it through implementation of its growth and development plans.

The university has a President, who is the overall custodian of the institution, overseeing all routine activities, management, planning and execution of policies. He is also the appointing authority of all staff positions within the university ensuring a well balanced representation of all stakeholders that holds the key to the "glue that binds" the university. He is the university's Chief Executive Officer.

Amoud university further has three positions of Vice Presidents namely; the Vice President Administration and Finance; the Vice President Academic Affairs; and the Vice President Public Relations and Extra Curricular. These three vice presidents all have their offices located at the main campus Amoud University from where they handle their routine operations, obligations, and also manage their assigned roles and responsibilities.

At Amoud College of Health Sciences, there is a Principal who is in charge of all schools of the college of Health Sciences. The Principal is the overseer of all the routine operations of the deans who run the various schools or faculties housed at the College of Health Sciences. The Principal is the deans' first line manager.


Offices of the Vice President Administration and Finance; the Vice President Academic Affairs; and the Vice President Public Relations and Extra Curricular, located at Amin Campus, Amoud Valley, Borama

The Vice President Academic Affairs is in charge of all administration and finance issues. These issues include hiring or otherwise and promotion of members of staff, particularly for non-academic administrative posts, budgeting committees, transportation services and overally in charge of all physical assets owned by Amoud University amongst several other duties, roles and responsibilities assigned by the President from time to time.

The Vice President Academic Affairs at the main campus is in charge of all Academic Affairs and is also the supervisor of all the deans of the various faculties and schools including those at Main Campus and those at the College of Health Sciences, in addition to the Directors of various departments namely Quality Assurance & Examinations, and Human Resource. The office holder is in charge of all academic programmes and presides over curriculum development, student examinations, student registration, graduation lists preparation, staff recruitment and timetabling amongst several roles and responsibilities bestowed on him by the president from time to time. This office works very closely with that of the Chief Registrar, since their roles are quite complementary in terms of target aims and objectives.

The Vice President Public Relations and Extra Curricular is in charge of all university advocacy, acting as the point of contact between Amoud University and the local community, supporting and merging ideas, by converging all individual staff, student and corporate office efforts from all wings of the university and ensuring their public participation in shaping opinion of the direction of the university. He is also in charge of such extra curricular activities as student academic tours, and visits by sister universities, sports and talent competitions, organization of cultural week, university landscaping and environmental concerns. He also works very closely with the Dean of Students Affairs Office because the nature of his position predorminantly touches on students' welfare hence demands close collaboration with Students Affairs Office.

The Foundation Stone laid in 1952 at the first ever building of the then Amoud Secondary School. The landmark building where the stone was laid now hosts the Main Administration Block[File/Photo].

The Chief Registrar's Office is the central focal point for all academic affairs and issues related to students such as enrolment, examinations, issuance of certificates, student transfer, amongst several other roles and responsibilities. The Chief Registrar therefore, in close collaboration with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, ensures production of the University Academic Calendar, announces start and end date of examinations, demands final examinations results from deans of various schools and faculties in addition to approval of final graduation list and arranging for the university graduation ceremony itself.

The Deans are in charge of faculties offering similar programmes with several departments under them mostly in the main campus. Schools, which comprise various departments also have deans as their administrative heads mostly at College of Health Sciences. The very large departments such as Gender and Advocacy, Students Affairs department or Freshman Department are also headed by Deans. Directors on the other hand are departmental heads who are in charge of line departments under various line managers such as Human Resource Deparment which falls under Administration and Finance; and Quality Assurance and Examinations which falls under Academic Affairs.

Amoud University has an active Student Union comprising students from all faculties, schools and departments. The Student Union was recently revived after a long absence after the students portrayed a great level of capacity to engage the university administration through a responsible and a mutually respectful manner. It has been fully functional, active and operational for the last couple of years. Each class has a Class President, who is an elected Representative from the class. He is elected by members of his class. The elected students within the faculty who are each presidents within their classes then form an electroal college to identify one chair person to represent their faculty, his deputy and at least one of these three has to be a female student for purposes of gender balance considerations. This list of officials is submitted by the respective faculties to the Office of Student Affairs who then go ahead to pool all their forwarded list of representatives into one bigger electoral college to identify through secret ballot, the chairperson of the Students Union, alongside various other positions as spelt out by the Student's Consitution. Each and  every Academic Year, one Student Representative Chair, referred toas the President of the Students Union, is elected to head the Students' Union for a one academic-year term. Amoud University therefore believes in the role of students in leadership, radiating of a positive image of the University in the local community and the general public. Students are fully invloved in the administration of the university, their voices are heard and their welfare well taken care of through this body of student representatives. It  is envisaged that their role will continue to be strengthened, their scope  expanded, as they maintain and even build on the maturity they have so far displayed, the result of which several success stories are seen today.

The university further has three main libraries one located at the main campus, the other located at the College of Health Sciences and one more at the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research all falling under the stewardship of a Chief Librarian. The university further has a transportation and logistical officer who is in charge of all small vehicles and big buses that transport students back and forth from and to Amoud University campuses. He organizes routine transportation for teaching staff and non-teaching staff, students, plus other occassional non-routine transportation services. He has several drivers and non-academic working staff who serve under him.


The security officer at Amoud University is in charge of the general security operations of the university fraternity including staff, students and guests. The officer has several security officials who server under him.

The students body at Amoud University have also shown extraordinarily high levels of discipline and cases of student unrest are unheard of today because of their self-dscipline and focus on the bigger picture on academic and life excellence. Leadership skills is the next point of focus for students at Amoud University. Amoud's success story today is partly simply because of concerted efforts from each and every individual member of Amoud family and corporate efforts from each and every department to the greater goal which is peace and development as spelt out in the motto of the university.

AU Monument located at the centre of the Main Campus, Amoud University, Amoud Valley, Borama [Photo/File]

We therefore congratulate all stakeholders for their contribution to Amoud University's success during this labour day celebrations 2015 and urge them to continue along the same path of redoubled efforts to be the best that Amoud can be. Happy Labour Day 2015.

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