Send Off Ceremony: AU Freshman

Send Off Ceremony: AU Freshman

The Freshman Department held a send off ceremony for its students this year in May 2015. Amoud University registered 1083 students as Freshmen with 760 out of the 1083 being male and 323 out of the 1083 being female representing 70.18% and 29.82% respectively in the Department during the 2014/2015 Academic Year.

The Freshman Department at Amoud University is currently headed by a Dean, namely Prof. Ahmed Musa Murud "Aways" who is assisted by Prof. Harun Ismail Warsame. The Department works closely with the Vice President for Public Relations and Extra Curricular Prof Mohamed Mahamud Jama "Derie" in conjuction with the Dean of Students Affairs Amoud University, Prof. Said Hassan Habaneh who is also by Mr. Abdinasir Derie Egeh.

The Freshman Academic Year follows the ordinary calendar of Amoud University which commences September 15th every year and ends January 31st, that is, First Semester, with a one month holiday break in Februaruy, then resumes March 1st and stops July 27th, that is, the second semester.

A section of the 2014/2015 Academic Year Freshman Students at an earlier funtion in Main Hall, Amoud University . Photo/FileTypically the Freshman Department at Amoud University is used as an entry point where all students whose successful applications to join Amoud university for undergraduate courses having been approved, are then offered general requirement courses alongside courses which strengthen their English language competencies. The other courses are elementary courses which are used to lay foundation for the career paths they choose as they move into the Sophomore Year. Currently Amoud University does not offer a direct entry into Sophomore Academic Year and all students are mandatorily required to commence their studies from Freshman year.

First Semester Sophomore Academic Year Freshman students undertake the following courses:-

    Reading and Vocabulary I
    Writing Skills I
    Language Structure I
    General Biology
    Islamic Studies


Second Semester Sophomore Academic Year students undertake the following courses:-

    Reading and Vocabulary II
    Writing Skills II
    Language Structure II
    General Chemistry
    Freshman Arabic
    Calculus I


In the Freshman(first academic year) Department, just like their counterparts in the Sophomore(second academic year), Junior(third academic year) and Senior Classes(fourth academic year), students attend classes regularly, take continuous assessment tests in form of assignments and Mid Term Examinations, and one major Final Examination at the end of each semester for each and every one of these courses. Upon successfull completion of the Frehman Year, Students then have the ability to select specialization areas based first and foremost on their academic performance in the tests and secondly on their preference; depending on the slots available for each programme and resources available for the different departments. Only students who score a minimum of cumulative GPA of 2.00 overall for the two semesters are allowed to proceed to Sophomore classes.

Currently Students have several undergraduate degrees to choose from, with each department specifying their entry requirments which may include a certain minimum cumulative GPA, a certain minimum score in language courses and a certain score in Science or Mathematics courses. this is normally 2.50 GPA for Computing and ICT and Engineering departments or even 3.00GPA in other departments like those departments based at the College of Health Sciences.

Here below is a list of the Faculties and Schools at Amoud University offering different programmes from which students can select to join Sophomore Class, as of September 2015:-

Amoud University, Main Campus

    Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
    Faculty of Business and Public Administration
    Faculty of Computing and ICT
    Faculty of Economics and Political Science
    Faculty of Education
    Faculty of Engineering


Amoud University, Town campus

Faculty of Sharia and Law


Amoud University, College of Health Sciences

    School of Dentistry
    School of Medicine
    School of Nursing and Mid Wifery
    School of Laboratory Technology
    School of Pharmacy School of Public Health

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