After intensive follow-up, Amoud University received its official membership from the Federation of Universities of the Arab States.

On January 11th, 2017, the university officially received the certificate of membership from the president of the Union of Arab Universities Professor: Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi who promised to strengthen communication between the pillar and the Union of Arab Universities.

Amoud University also participated in the workshop organized by the Union of Arab Universities entitled "Quality Assurance of Academic Programs in Faculties of Arab Universities" at the University of Hargeisa.

Amoud University and the President of the Federation of Arab Universities also discussed the following:
- Material and moral support for the university.
- Scholarships for professors and students.
- Raising the level of higher education in the university.
- Participation of the University as the pillar of all activities of the Union of Arab Universities.

Prof. Ahmed Abdillahi Boqore, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Amoud University (third right at the back), alongside Mr. Mohamed Billeh Mohamed, Head of the Office of Arab Relations, Amoud University (centre row, gesturing) together with other officials of the AARU on 11th January, 2017, during presentation of membership certificate to Amoud University.After this lucky membership, Mr. Mohamed Billeh Mohamed, Head of the Office of Arab Relations, Amoud University, alongside the Federation of Arab Universities and Vice-President of the University of Academic Affairs, Professor Ahmed Abdullah Bakri received Certificates of value and prestige from the President of the Union of Arab Universities Professor Sultan Abu Orabi. Accompanying the team was the Somaliland Minister of Education and Higher Studies Abdullah Ibrahim Habaneh.

Amoud University was also welcomed by the following delegation: from the International University of Africa Prof. Dr. Osman El-Margany and Dean of Faculty of Sharia and also from the University of Andaman Islamic University, Dr. Good Abdul Ghaffar. They are among the graduate professors of Sharia and Law Department of Amoud University.

One of the highest ranking persons who received Amoud University upon joining the membership at the Conference and was the Executive Officer of the Union Dr. Wahib Karajeh Mazir Media and General Alaklat, Association of Arab Universities.

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